Monday, March 14, 2005

Heads Up: Blogs To Get Treated Like Political Ads

Here's a heads-up if you have a blog and haven't heard about this yet.

The Federal Election Commission wants to pass legislation that will treat blogs as paid political advertising. This will almost certainly impede freedom of expression, since nearly everyone has a political opinion these days.

The Online Coalition is writing an open letter to the FEC voicing its concerns and asking that it "grant blogs and online publications the same consideration and protection as broadcast media, newspapers, or periodicals by clearly including them under the Federal Election Commission's 'media exemption' rule."

This is a left-right coalition of blogs, and I saw both Michelle Malkin and Daily Kos on the list.

Go to their site to have your name added to the letter.

In fact, go there even if you don't have a blog...I see a lot of names with no URL.

You mean Michelle "put all the arabs in concentration camps" Mallallangalalalola? She's hot...
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