Friday, March 11, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell Has A Blog Now

Gawker says formerlyROSIE reads like haiku. I think that if you read it out loud in Rosie O'Donnell's voice, it sounds like her stand-up routine.

My favorite is the bit about Son of Sam:

his name was david berkowitz
i saw his picture in the paper and was shocked
he looked like someone I went to high school with
a kid with crazy hair and beige clothes
nearly normal

i thought about him all night
and the next day - he was the only
topic discussed

long island - new york -
you are one of 2 things
catholic or jewish
there was one protestant in Commack
jean soul
i thought her an oddity

i cannot tell you how shocking it was to find out
in real life
the jean souls are in charge

so one of the neighbors was babbling
and I listened entranced - mothers
still can have all my attention
mother me and I am yours

“my god - I heard berkowitz and the shame - son of sam a jew? - I
thought I would plotz - then I heard it - ADOPTED son. Thank god we
don't have to claim him!”

she did not want to carry the shame
the association
unreal and absurd as it was
she did not want son of sam on the list of jews
can you blame her

Rosie O'Donnell pressed a lot of personal issues down deep inside of her to succeed in show biz, and one day the pressure cooker exploded. I hope her time away from the scene helped her to get centered and that she'll come back with the comedy.

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