Friday, April 08, 2005

Do We Manufacture Anything Now?

When I was a kid and we had geography class, we learned that different parts of the USA and different countries in the world manufactured different things and exported them to other parts of the USA/world. Like, we manufactured corn, wheat, tires, etc. and exported them and then we imported rubber, bananas, etc.

Do we still make those things or are they all cheaper from somewhere else?

Is there still such a thing as geography class?

Interesting question. In my town we make laws (state capital), educated people (college town), computer chips, tortilla chips, computers, beer (one tiny brewery), restaurant food, buildings, roads, and all that stuff I'm forgetting about.

The US is definitely producing more services and fewer goods than in the past (or at least I've read that more jobs are in the service sector).

I don't know if they still teach geography in elementary school, but they do in college.
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