Friday, May 13, 2005


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We adopted Chico and Ashley through City Critters, a rescue here in NY that we volunteered for a few years ago.

They began their lives probably sometime during the Winter of 2000 in the home of a little old lady who collected stray cats and didn't have them neutered or spayed. When she died, her son found no-kill shelters for over 50 cats who were all related to each other in some way.

Chico and Ashley, along with Jake, are probably littermates. One of the other volunteers adopted the older female that we're pretty sure is the mother cat, and the three siblings all have her unique face.

We think this guy (Zachary) may be the father, or they may have a common father.

Ashley adores Chico and follows him around the house, and he loves it. To us, he's this little orange furry thing we have to yell "Noooo!" at a lot. To her, he's Elvis.

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