Friday, May 27, 2005

Burn This

We've been meaning to digitize some of our old video for months, and I figured Memorial Day Weekend was as good a time as any to finally get started.

I shopped around for a DVD burner that would work with our G4 (non-superdrive) iMac and a device that would transfer VHS to 01010101. J&R Computer World had the burner but had to order the device, and shipped both to us within two days.

So last night after dinner, I read the directions for connecting the burner and slipped the software installer CD-Rom into the computer. And a message came up on the screen saying no-no-no, can't do that until you upgrade your system from 10.2, which has been running happily without a glitch for the past two years.

So now it's back to J&R after work this afternoon to purchase Tiger, which has been out for, what, a month? Which means there will still be bugs in it. Excuse me...they're not bugs, they're features. And I'll probably have to upgrade some of my graphics and other programs as well.

Chico immediately purloined the empty shipping carton in the name of cats everywhere. Pictures to follow when I get them developed, which means that I really should get a digital camera in addition to everything else. Hopefully, my company won't start downsizing until I catch up to the curve for five minutes.

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