Friday, May 13, 2005

Pew View of You

The Pew Research Center has just published a study called "Beyond Red vs. Blue." The study was based on two recent public opinion polls where respondents were asked about issues having to do with "values, political beliefs, and party affiliation."

They have a "Take This Quiz" thing like in Cosmopolitan, with some of the questions that were put forward in the survey, so that you can see where you fit in with your fellow Americans. I'm a Liberal. Or an Aquarius. Or a Woman Who Loves Too Much.

I'll have more thoughts on this over the weekend. Right now, I have a bunch of stuff to finish before I can leave the office.

Meanwhile, over on Matthew Yglesias, they're having a discussion--Discussion? They're having a canary--about how the Democrats can interpret and use this data to gain votes. Mostly, they're talking about yielding on having the Ten Commandments displayed in courthouses and Nativity scenes in the town square. What they're not talking about is the issue the survey cited as the main one that separates Democrats and Republicans: Foreign affairs assertiveness.

As my hubby has said, "If Dean got elected president, the Democrats would conclude that Americans want doctors."

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