Friday, June 17, 2005

Home Again, Home Again

Ashley is currently resting under a cabinet in the bedroom. She was given IV fluids while she was knocked out, so the tech said she won't dehydrate if she wants to skip a couple of meals and rest.

Meanwhile, he gave me instructions for the two different ear medications, a different medication for each ear. Also an antibiotic pill, but I can pulverize that and hide it in some smelly food.

I'm definitely looking into getting vet insurance for her and for Chico. By the time I'd heard about it for my previous cats, they were old enough to play golf in Century Village with Red Buttons.

The vet thinks the ear infections started with an attack of ear mites as a kitten and when she was rescued, they treated the mites but the damage had already been done deep inside. It's amazing that Ashley's never shown any symptoms--I wonder if she thinks that this is how she's supposed to feel. Who knows what goes on in those little heads. They're probably following instincts that have kept them going for a thousand years in the wild. And we're probably going to be repairing the damage done by her inauspicious beginnings for years to come.

Yes, insurance would be a great idea.

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