Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Neil Weekend

I picked up the MOJO Neil Young Special Edition this weekend. This British magazine is chock-a-block with great stuff, my favorite of which is the do-it-yourself Neil Young Box Set. Fans of the Godfather of Grunge have been awaiting the long-promised box set since the late 1980's, and MOJO tells you how to compile one yourself with a variety of both officially released and unofficially unreleased tracks from Buffalo Springfield days to the present.

I also ripped some MP3's for my iPod from the DVD of Rust Never Sleeps. This and the Decade two-disc set would comprise a quick-and-grungy box set of Sixties and Seventies Young.

And in Neil-related news, I was in Barnes & Noble on Sunday and saw that the book "Diary of a Mad Housewife" was back in print. This novel of a frustrated Upper West Side mom and her social-climbing twit of a husband portrayed Yuppies a decade before the word was coined. It was made into a film in 1970 with Richard Benjamin and Carrie Snodgress, but the film is currently out of print and not yet released to DVD.

What does this have to do with Neil Young? After garnering rave reviews as Tina, Snodgress dropped out of show business for several years to live with Young in unofficially unreleased connubial bliss.

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