Thursday, June 02, 2005

Out Sick

I took a sick day yesterday due to what's either a sudden cold or an extremely bad allergy. My money is on "allergy" because it seems to come and go with no progression. Today it's being kept in control by Claritin and this herbal cough syrup made from licorice and whatever was in the blended drink that Ruth Gordon brought to Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

I did solve the mystery of the DVD recording software, though. When I didn't hear back by yesterday evening from LaCie's tech support, I called them on their non-toll-free number. The guy said that our computer does support their drive without my having to install the stuff from the disc, and that I should be able to choose the drive to which I want to burn stuff once I'm in the program and there's a disc in the drive.

So I tested this in iTunes by selecting "eject disc" and it responded by opening and closing all of the little drawers on all of the drives, as if it were going "You mean this one? How about this one?" But it eventually got around to the new DVD burner. Of course, this means that I upgraded the system software for nothing, but it's nice to catch up with the curve for a few minutes.

Oh yeah, and after I got off the phone with the tech support guy, somebody answered my tech support e-mail from the other night.

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