Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wolves and Coyote

The vet called early this afternoon--on a Sunday--to tell us that Ashley's bloodwork was "perfect." Yay! Still scared about her having the anesthesia on Friday, though.

I spent the afternoon checking out the thrift stores on 23rd Street. At the corner of 23rd and 3rd, in the drooling 90 degree heat, there were two actresses in wolf costumes handing out CDs. "Free audiobook," they announced. It was "Wild Animals," narrated by Peter Coyote.

I considered taking one. It was free, it was Peter Coyote, and I've always had a trace of sympathy for anyone making crappy money by putting on a costume in a heat wave. At least Pluto and Goofy have a dental plan.

But then I figured, we won't listen to it. There will be a Yankees game, and then stuff we've time-shifted, and then something else and something else and then in November we'll end up saying, "Let's face it, we're not gonna listen to this" and donating it to Housing Works.

So then I turn around and go into Housing Works and in the Donations piles, somebody's already donated one.

Not to compound your fears but having lost a kitty in just that way for just that reason (not knowing he had a heart condition and couldn't handle it), I will keep you both in my thoughts on Friday and hope, wish, 'vibe' for the best results. Cheers!
Leigh-Anne, I've thought about your poor cat whenever one of mine's needed to be put under for something. So far, we've been lucky.

I'll ask for the mildest sedative possible. I think they use isoflourane gas and a sedative. Chico had this combination last year with his dental work, and when I got him home he acted for about an hour like some drunken guy at a party who keeps throwing his arms around you and going, "I love you, man!" Then he slept it off. No ill effects.
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