Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cat Doctors, Shopping, and People Doctors

We took Ashley to the vet this morning for a follow-up on the ears. They're healing very well, we only have to squirt antibiotic into her mouth for another week and a half. The vet said she'll probably develop these infections chronically, and to keep them in check we'll have to swab her ears twice a week with cotton balls saturated in Epi-Otic. And we all know how much she loves that.

The digestive thing seems to have been resolved. If it flares up again, the next step is to try a different brand of cat food. All those tests last Spring weren't for nothing. They were expensive and anxiety-producing, but at least we have the peace of mind of knowing our gal is okay inside and out.

On the way back from the vet, the cab passed a street fair on 14th Street, so after we got Ashley home I went to check it out. All the usual vendors were in attendance, and a guy from Empire State Pride Agenda was collecting signatures for a petition protesting Constitutional Amendments to ban equal marriage rights (gotta love that "framing" thing.)

"We'll contact you with the names of elected officials in your area who support equal marriage rights."

"My area is here...could there be any elected officials who don't support equal marriage rights?"

I browsed the booths and then realized I had enough junk at home already, so I went onward and upward to run some errands.

Later that afternoon, I stopped into H&M, which is Swedish for Old Navy. As always, I felt myself being magnetically drawn to the baubles and pastegems in the accessories department, where the prices for some odd reason are $4.90, $1.90, etc. instead of $4.99, $1.99, and so on. Most of my fellow shoppers were teenagers, and I realized that I'm at the age where, two or three generations ago, I would have been a doting Grandmama taking Eloise for a frappe at Schraft's instead of wrestling an adolescent for a rhinestone hair thing. Besides, I realized I had enough junk at home already, so I went home to cull.

In the next couple of weeks, I have a number of medical tests to confirm what the doctors think are gallstones or ulcers or both. So I have to drink a vile concoction and then get knocked out and probed. Kinda like a fraternity party.

The tests are expensive and anxiety-producing, but at least I'll have the peace of mind of knowing I'm okay inside and out.

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