Monday, July 11, 2005

New Cube

The management at the company where I work has rearranged the seating assignments of everyone on my floor, about 75 people. Friday was spent packing our cubicles, and this morning was the first day of the new arrangement.

It felt like back when I was temping: the search for your desk, "where's the printer that I just sent this to?" and hiking or lowering your chair so that your legs aren't dangling.

Sometimes you don't even realize that you're used to something until it's no longer there. For example, I forgot to tell Facilities to move the keyboard tray I had them install when I first started here three years ago. The desktop was really high and I was typing with my elbows up around my ears. I hadn't even known at the time that you could have something like that drilled and attached if you so desired. Once a temp, always a temp.

All the files and supplies are unpacked, and people are putting into place the things that are really important: the snapshot of the dog and the kids and the night "the girls" got together at a fancy restaurant, the souvenirs of Mexico and Paris and Knotts Berry Farm. The kind of stuff that, when I was temping, made me feel as if I'd suddenly been dropped into the life of someone I had never met and would never meet.

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