Saturday, July 09, 2005

Nostalgia For Nostalgia

Been spending the weekend making digital versions of the mix tapes of early 80's pop and rock that I made in the late 90's. As I compile them, I've been feeling nostalgia not only for the early 80's, but for the late 90's.

Ironically, during the early 80's, my cohorts and I were immersed in nostalgia over stuff from our mid-1960's childhoods. We'd be in some bar or club that was blasting new wave synth-pop dance music, shouting over it to each other. "Oooh, remember 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Ha!' Boy, that was so long ago! Are we ever old!"

Now that I'm feeling nostalgia for the late 1990's, perhaps it is time for a late 1990's mix disc/iPod playlist. After enough time, even "La Vida Loca" starts sounding good. Although I'd prefer "Novocaine For The Soul" by Eels.

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