Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's The Deal With Cat Ladies?

Since I'm always afraid I'll end up being one, Daniel Engber's article in Slate caught my eye.

It's not clear if and how animal hoarders could be treated, but the fines and jail sentences doled out by courts don't seem to work. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a convicted hoarder will almost always collect again.

True. Our cats Chico and Ashley were originally owned by a cat hoarder, an elderly woman. When the woman died, she had 50 cats, some of whom were in better shape than others. Ashley was so starved she could hardly stand, and required a month of home nursing before she was in good enough shape to be spayed.

A couple of years before, the woman had been busted for cat hoarding, and at the time she had 100 cats that she had to get rid of. The 50 they found when she died were cats that she had restocked since the previous bust.

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