Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heat Wave

Busy as all getout lately, between the job and the medical tests.

The temperature's been in the 90's all week and will be in the 90's until the weekend.

Fortunately, I don't have to leave the building for lunch. The company I work for has recently opened an employee cafeteria, and the food is generally tasty and reasonably-priced compared to most semi-decent places in Midtown. You have different counters with your basic hot meal of the day, sandwiches, salad bar, sushi. There's a "Farmers Market" table with a different "Festival of Produce" every week. Last week was "Festival of Corn" and this week is "Festival of Tomatoes."

You pay at the register with your employee ID card, which you fund like a debit card. So it's like being in a little separate foreign country, Jobtopia, where you have your own currency, the weather is always temperate, and you have your very own calendar of festivals.

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