Friday, August 12, 2005

Kitty Teeth, Part 2

Today it's Chico's turn for the dental. This meant "No Food After Ten" last night, which didn't faze Chico and Ashley very much because with the prolonged heat waves, they've been doing a lot of sleeping. Even in an air conditioned apartment, somehow they know.

This morning, however, was a different story. The cats started bouncing on the bed singing their food song as soon as the alarm went off. I figured, there's no reason Ashley can't eat, so I'll put Chico in the bathroom and feed Ashley.

Wrong! As soon as I put Chico in the bathroom and put a dish of food in front of Ashley, she ran under the bed glaring at me as if to say, "Why is Chico in the bathroom? I want answers!" So neither cat ate.

We got Chico into the carrier with a minimum of disturbance, which is to say about fifteen minutes' worth. I was lucky enough to grab a cab in front of the building and made good time.

In the vet's waiting room, for some reason, it was Dogs in Pairs day. One woman had a brace of greyhounds who danced over on their toes and nervously sniffed Chico's carrier. Chico gave them a shrieking "Heyyyyy!" of protest. Another woman had two brown and tan puppies who bounced into the examining room straining at their leashes, still at the stage where they were thrilled with everything: A vaccination, a cookie, what's the difference? Oh boy!

The receptionist showed me the estimate (yikes!). I mentioned to her that Chico's bloodwork had come back showing slight dehydration last Saturday, so if he's still slightly dehydrated today do you still do the dental?

"We give fluids during the dental, and if he needs a little hydration, we'll give him a little more fluids before you take him home tonight."

"Basically, he's a young and very healthy cat," I said, as if I were selling him.

The tech picked him up to bring him to the back. "Say goodbye to Mommy!"

"Bye, Cheeckster, see you tonight with nice clean teeth!" Waaaahhhhhh!

So now begins the usual Day of Worry. Okay, sure, I was worried sick about Ashley and she turned out just fine and they had her out an extra long time to take care of the ear problem. Okay, sure, but it's the ones you think it won't happen to that something happens to! Geez, am I superstitious or what? Maybe I should paint myself blue and dance sky-clad.

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