Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pavlov's Cat

We've had to give Chico a post-dental-work antibiotic twice a day this week. Unlike Ashley, he's completely impossible to pill. So we have to crush the pill and hide it in a small glob of the smelliest food we can find, which is usually Friskies Sea Captain's Choice. Yar har, maties. And then, since he always steps aside and lets Ashley eat from his dish, we have to isolate him in the bathroom with the dish of pill food until he's finished.

So every morning and evening, I put the pill food in the dish, walk to the bathroom with it, and Chico runs into the bathroom and I shut the door behind him until he's finished.

This morning, after Chico had finished his pill and I let him out, I decided to let Ashley have a little of the Sea Captain's Choice, too, since she was making completely pathetic little sounds.

So I took the plastic lid off the can again, and Chico ran back into the bathroom.

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