Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Chick Lit For Vintage Babes

Apparently, Harlequin's really breaking out of the bodice-buster novel and into a whole lot of new, hip areas.

I'd written back in June about Red Dress Ink, the "edgy single gal" division. Then in the latest issue of MORE there was an ad for a new division called "The Next Novel," which is "a line of entertaining novels about women looking for what's next in their lives." The ad featured that cool picture you see on the splash page--the one that looks like "Comeback for Deb Winger."

Looks like some fun reads. I'm going to check out my local paperback exchanges and then dab some of that sample of Pond's Moisturizer from another ad onto my crows' feet, and settle down to reading enjoyment.

They also have a section on "Writers' Resources" so you can get in on the excitement. With all those divisions, you're bound to come up with an idea for something.

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