Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Impeach Tree

Friday, I said that assuming we could impeach Bush, we would end up with Cheney.

Apparently, I'm not the only one thinking along those lines, and yesterday, Rudicus of the Impeach Bush Coalition of blogs explained why this was not the worst thing that could happen:

If Bush violated the law or brought shame to the office of the president, he must be impeached, regardless of who is waiting in the wings. Heck, was it a bad idea to go after Nixon for impeachment merely because the bumbling Gerald Ford was next in line? No way. It's the only way to maintain the integrity of the office of President. Bush must be impeached, regardless of the fact that Cheney would become president.

And look at it this way, removing Bush finally removes that buffer between reality and illusion. We've all known all along that Cheney has been the real muscle behind this administration, so we finally get to hold the wizard accountable for what happens in Oz. No more hiding behind the Jesus cowboy. We finally get to deal with the man at the top.

So, go right to the source and ask the horse?

Cheney at least has a reputation for being somewhat of a "smart guy" (greedy, sociopathic, heartless, but "smart") , so he won't be able to hide behind the guise of being a functionally retarded, good 'ole boy, man of the people. (Ah shucks, folks!) Moreover, Cheney is not very personable or charming, so he won't be able to snow job anyone with his dumb country mouse wit.

He also points out that because Cheney has a lesbian daughter, he won't come down too hard on gay rights, and this will alienate the religious right.

And he concludes:

So before anybody gets too worried about a Dick Cheney interim presidency, think it through fully. Removing Bush is one step closer to removing the whole lot. Removing Bush is one step closer to clarifying the illusion. Removing Bush is one step closer to saving the office of the presidency and the country. You need to see it as the best thing that can possibly happen, both for the country and the world. With Cheney, we'll at least know exactly what we'll be getting -- a smart, abrasive, money-grubbing, little-people crushing traditional Republican just like we've all seen before.

You mean, the same kind of Republicans we knew and loved when I was a kid? Great. I love to bathe myself in the familiar to reinforce my sense of security just before I go wild and start that "thinking outside the box" thing.

At any rate, I'm gonna keep an eye on the site, although I'm not joining or pasting any banners just yet. This is partly because of my aversion to jumping on bandwagons, and also because I still don't know how to futz around with this blinkin' template. In fact, I'm up to my eyeballs in graphics stuff that I have to bone up on for various projects right now. Perhaps I can have my advisors compile a DVD .

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