Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nesting Month

Apartment Therapy is hosting "Nesting Month" threads on their site.

Here's the deal:

1. Decide what Nesting project you will accomplish in your apartment this month (By Monday, October 2)
2. Make a commitment by saying what you are going to do in one of the three Nesting Threads
3. Take a pic of your project before with a short testimonial
4. Keep in touch with your goals and with one another through these DAILY threads
5. Work hard! And send us a pic and a follow up testimonial when you're done

I've had at least three projects kicking around in my head all Summer, when it was too hot to do anything:

1. Get new cabinets built in kitchen;
2. Design and have somebody build--Ikea, Gothic Cabinet Craft, whatever--a credenza to fit along the short wall of the living room that will house the TV, DVD, VCR, about 500 CD's, etc. This would have to be very scientifically shimmed underneath to allow for the tilt in our living room floor;
3. Get the apartment painted. That one's definitely for a cooler month.

The fourth project is a virtual home project: Build myself a new personal site and link my blog to it. This is free, involves no heavy lifting, and there are no paint fumes from pixels, but it does involve choosing some good content.

Suddenly it's really warm in here and I feel sleepy. . .

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