Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Extra Innings

Sleepy. I went to sleep last night as the Astros and the Sox were beginning their tenth inning.

My pesky sciatica kept waking me up; I've got to force myself to leave my cubicle for a good walk at regular intervals.

My husband, who had been forcing himself to stay awake through the first nine, kept watching. So every time I woke up, he gave me a recap:

"Eleventh inning."

Half-hour later:

" 'welfinnin'."

Some time later:


I gathered that the last was some reference to the Sox winning, because when I turned on NY1 this morning, the Sox needed one more game to sweep the Series. Yep, I thought to myself, they really are our surrogate Yankees this year.

Oh, no, dear. Any AL team is indeed a surrogate for any other come post-season. Unless in fact the Yankees are involved. Then said becomes whoever is against them.

But I'm not bitter. Haven't been since last October, in fact.
Said surrogate, thatis.
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