Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Don't Know How She Does It

Every day on my way to the subway, for months now, I've been passing this young woman who's been walking in the opposite direction. At first, during coat season, I had thought she had a broken arm with a cast hidden under her coat. But as the weather got hotter and people donned short-sleeved shirts, I noticed that her right arm is actually missing just below the elbow.

But here's the thing: Her hair and her make-up are impeccable, and her clothing is always neat and pressed.

Now, I've got two perfectly good hands and I go to work in the mornings looking like someone chased me out of bed in the middle of a nightmare.

It could be that this woman lives with a professional stylist, or that, unfortunately lacking a limb, she's somehow been gifted with perfect hair and a great complexion. But I can't help thinking about what my second grade teacher used to tell me: "You're just not making an effort."

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