Friday, October 21, 2005

Match Point

Watch this movie trailer, here. (I got the link off Listen Missy.)

When you see the director's credit at the end, if you say, "You are so f*ckin' kidding!" then you're me.

I am you.
I was you, until i did some research, in fact, i knew before, but that's just me, and that's why i'm not you. There is some buzz around the circles that he didn't actually direct, and didn't actually write this movie, but i guess we'll have to see the movie, make sure there are some Allenism in the script and shooting, and that Scarlett is a complete ball of neurosis. Let's just hope that our boy gets the credit i'm sure he deserves, enjoy dec 25th, if no other reason that it's christmas.
LOL! Yeah, quite a departure from his usual, huh?
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