Monday, October 24, 2005

Retro Metro

Went up to the Rockefeller Center area on Saturday to get my hair cut and colored. I wussed out on "getting it cut short and letting the white show like Joan Baez." Maybe next year.

Afterward, I went browsing in H&M, which seems to be on a 1940's kick lately. A lot of tweed suits with flaring trumpet skirts, jackets nipped in at the waist with big fake fur collars. The last time this era was in, was back in my teen years. My friends and I would go to our jobs in the Mall dressed like film noir sirens.

Those of us who subscribe to the kind of minimalist lifestyle preached by sites like Apartment Therapy usually don't go in for costumes and fads. We get a handful of stuff you can wear all the time and just shed the wool layer during the Summer. But H&M looked like fun and I had a couple of hours free, so I grabbed a bunch of mix and match pieces and waited for the fitting room.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized why adults had grimaced and said, "You're young; you can get away with anything." I looked like I was in a community theater production of "Wonderful Town." Back I rushed to the shelter of minimalism.

On the Fifth Avenue bus downtown, I passed Lord & Taylor's windows, which were showing a more subtle and refined version of that post-WWII "New Look" thing. It was part of a display showcasing the D.A. Pennebaker short film "Daybreak Express," which is showing continually on screens in the store's windows.

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