Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Very Superstitious

I just made an appointment for a haircut for Saturday.

I was going to wait until I got the results of my mammogram, because when you're waiting for results on a test like that you figure, "Is this going to jinx it?" Like, what if they find something on the mammogram and I get chemotherapy and my hair falls out...why should I bother getting a haircut when my hair is going to all fall out?

But having been through the cancer experience by proxy with my husband--who just got a clear brain MRI today--I know that this is jumping the gun by several steps. Between "there is something abnormal on your test" and all your hair falling out from chemo are about half-a-dozen tests to confirm the cancer, and tests to see where else the cancer went, and then there's surgery and radiation.

So I went ahead and booked the haircut, because by the time all that other stuff would have time to happen, the haircut would grow out anyway.

If all is well and my hair stays on my head for the foreseeable future, I've considered not coloring it for a while and letting the white grow out a few inches, and then getting the colored part cut off. I wonder if I would look distinguished, or just washed out. Actually, I would probably look like either Susan Sontag or Pepe Le Pew.

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