Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holla Back NYC

A blog that gives New Yorkers a chance to holla back at street harassers--and submit pics of same.

Hey, those "Holla Shame" guys sound like my old hecklers!

The worst hecklers...and harassers...are the ones who say things really low so that only you can hear them. Then when you turn around and take their heads off, you look like a loony toon. And they know it. (Well, they've gotta have some kind of marketable skill, being totally bereft of character or charm.)

My husband hates guys like that. He thinks they're bad representatives of men.

I had an ex who actually said, "But those guys are only paying you a compliment." And he thought I was being some kind of Women's Libber.

I'm not talking about guys who appreciate the way a woman looks, or pay her a compliment. The hostile kind of creeps I'm talking about, like the guy described here:

someone actually walking up and grabbing them- one of those a-businessman type, at 8:30 in the morning, on a busy 23rd and Lex.

...they're like thieves stealing sex. They're trying to "get away" with something. It's like you've got a couple of handbags hanging off your chest, and they're purse-snatchers.

And the fact that I'd had to explain this to the ex, who responded by belching and giggling and eating library paste, kinda explains how he became an ex. Really quickly.

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