Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Link Wray is Dead

The "Father of the Power Chord" is gone. (Link thru Reason's "Hit and Run")

I'm glad you posted this. I don't know how I missed hearing about it. Such a huge talent and influence... What a sad, sad loss. :(
Seventy-six and he probably played every day of his life. And he had a young child. You just gotta live your life as much as you can, and it's bound to be long and happy. Sorry to hear about it, but at least he left a lot behind.

He heard what he wanted and couldn’t get it with what was there, so he punched holes in his amp speaker, and made it distort. In essence, he invented the Fuzz Tone. Which by extension means that he invented Jeff Beck. If that’s the only thing that he did, his contribution would have been monumental. Of course, he did much more. “Rumble” was the only instrumental ever banned, because its menacing sound scared “The Man.” Later, the same thing happened to the follow-up, “Jack the Ripper.”

He could be seventy-six and still be a rock and roll guitarist, because, along with others, he staked out the territory. It was his land, the rest of us just live on it.
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