Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Day Two

Got up at a quarter to six and watched NY1 interviewing people at the ass-end of Queens who were waiting two hours to buy tickets for the Long Island Railroad Train.

The PATH and the streets seemed much more crowded today, and there are more people present in my office than the skeleton crew that was here yesterday. I think that yesterday, a lot of people just said, ah, the hell with it, and today they're saying, "Well, you can't stay home forever."

I have two use-them-or-lose-them vacation days tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow morning is a special challenge: I have to get to a doctor's appointment at 91st and Park. It would be a ten-mile walk, my husband wants to come with me, and ten miles is a bit too much of a hike. The cabs are making out like bandits: They're charging $20 per person each way to take you from the Village to the Upper East Side. That's as much as renting a car for the day. The private car services are not taking reservations until further notice.

Update: Doctor's appointment postponed till next Thursday. So apparently, it's not crucial. They may settle the strike by then. The one in 1980 lasted ten days, but as much of a pain as it was, it wasn't as unpopular as this one.

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