Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sitting This One Out

I've got vacation days today and tomorrow, so I didn't have to deal with the walk this morning.

I felt guilty about it, but could assuage my guilt by reminding myself that unlike half the people in my office, I could remember the strike of 1966. My father drove me to school, just like the kids in the suburbs, and in the afternoon I walked home. Eight blocks in the snow, you little whippersnappers. Flibblety-floob.

I've spent the morning doing the business of sleeping, taking small breaks from my business to eat breakfast, feed the cats and make a list of chores and errands to do once my worn-out carcass has had all the sleep it can take. I've also been watching NY1 and according to the ribbon running along the bottom of the screen, negotiations are happening and the TWU may tell its workers to get back to their jobs while the negotiations continue. So we could see a crosstown bus as soon as tonight.

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