Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was reading the customer reviews for the book I quoted from yesterday, and I saw that one of the reviewers is Orin Judd of the site, The Brothers Judd.

I've checked out his reviews before, and there's two things I can say about Orin Judd:

1. He's read and reviewed a truly admirable number of books;

2. What is he, crazy?

This is what I'm talking about:

These people can be great forces for good and/or evil; for every Moses, Christ, Luther, Washington, Ted Williams or Reagan there's a Jim Jones, Caesar, Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler, Charles Manson, OJ Simpson or Clinton.

He's putting Reagan in the same category as Christ and Clinton in the same category as Hitler?

Oh sure, I realize there are Democrats who would do it the other way around, but I find them just a tad over the top as well.

How about Reagan and Clinton are in the same category apart from Christ and Hitler and Moses and O.J. Simpson? How about they're in a category called "Popular US Presidents?"

I'm beginning to think there's no difference between the Democrap and Rethuglican presidents anyway. They campaign like there's a difference, and then when they get behind closed doors there's this Great Big President Book they all read from. Clinton and Bush 41 have these gigs together now anyway.

I wouldn't even classify Nixon as evil. Dark and disturbed, maybe.

Or maybe, heck, I'm naive and the people who are over the top are normal. Maybe everything is some Manichean manifestation of good and evil, including this office coffee I'm drinking.

No, definitely this office coffee I'm drinking.

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