Monday, February 13, 2006

Day of the Credenza

I took a vacation day today, not because of the snow but because I was expecting the arrival of custom-made furniture that I ordered a couple of months ago. It's a credenza six feet long and thirty inches high, with drawers and shelves to hold our media and the stuff on which to play it.

The credenza is here and looks beautiful; just what I'd asked for when I sat down with the designer. But we can't use it yet: When I told the guy we have a tilt in our floor, I meant we have a tilt in our floor. The thing needs a special frame built to prop it up in front. Right now it's shimmed on toothpicks.

So I'll post "Before" and "After" pics of the clutter we had before versus how it all fits together in our new Altar of Media, but it'll have to wait.

Also, I didn't bring my camera when I went out to the store afterward, and won't be back downtown until after sundown the rest of the week, so imagine if you will the sun setting and casting an almost neon glow on the ice-covered tree branches and brownstone lintels of West 11th Street.

The snow is dissolving into deep puddles of slush at the curbs, the paths on the sidestreets are now two feet wide, and on main thoroughfares you can see large swatches of naked sidewalk.

It's expected to be 54 degrees by Thursday.

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