Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Look For My Blogiversary

A year ago today I started this blog, and I picked Blogger's "Dots" template.

After a year of blogging and trying to add a Blogroll to the sidebar and seeing that I picked the only template Blogger has without space for a Blogroll and putting in some Blogroll code and watching the entire template get screwed up for no apparent reason and thinking "Maybe it's me" and "Maybe I'll try it again when I'm not busy with work" and "Maybe I'll try it again after my gallbladder operation" and "Maybe I'll try it again after I've had a little sleep" and "Maybe I'll make my own template in Dreamweaver and figure out how to connect it to Blogger," I finally said "Screw It!" and changed templates.

I like this one for its vivid, clean look. I also wanted to stay away from white type on a black background so that other middle-aged people wouldn't look at it and say, "Oh, why do people do that?"

So now I'll add my links. Or look at the Dreamweaver manual again. Or become the Unabomber.

P.S. The Spell Check on this blog still doesn't recognize the word "blog."

Happy blogiversary!!!
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