Friday, February 17, 2006

Somebody Googled My Blog

I put one of those freeware site trackers on my blog last night (H/T Letter From Gotham).

I checked the Summaries this morning to see where my hits were coming from, and among them were two Google searches: One for outlet stores in Secaucus, New Jersey and one for Muxed files, those little Quicktime movies that your digital camera makes that aren't supported by any video-editing software on earth.

I figured people were coming here for witty comments on pop culture, politics, or cats. But maybe my average reader is a bargain-shopper holding a camera in one hand and shaking a fist with the other.

I came here from Google. I typed in "batteries exploded" and I saw your post about your CD player.

So far, you're blog is pretty cool :)
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