Monday, March 20, 2006

Blue Period

Last Wednesday we attended a reception for our friend Mark Wiener's exhibit at the a4L Gallery. Entitled "Barcodes and Other Self-Portraits," it's a group of paintings "concentrating on the colors blue and black and line in motion to a staccato beat, a reflection of patterns that move our lives--from binary code to DNA to the UPC codes on products."

The painting on the right is called "Barcode Studies VI" and it has sort of a roller-coaster feeling to it. In person, the vivid blue of this and the other paintings in the "Barcode Studies" series stood out brilliantly against the white walls of the gallery; those dazzling white walls you find only in galleries.

I've decided I'm painting my living room "Gallery White." No more pishy "eggshell."

Also, there was cheese at the reception.

"Barcodes and Other Self-Portraits" will be at the a4L Gallery at 45 East 20th through April 10. You can see some of Mark's other work at his site.

barcodes studies VI - Copyright Mark Wiener

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