Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Doing My Spring Cleaning

Busy, so I'll cop out and post a few of my favorite spring cleaning/homebody/pulling my head out of the winter doldrums links while I eat my lunch from the cafeteria ("Festival of Cheese").

Apartment Therapy's having their "Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest." Ours isn't ready this year, but this contest is giving me some fresh ideas. There's also a good kitchen cabinet thread, which is important for when you want to sew your kitchen cabinets together.

Discardian: One tip a day from the creator of "Discardia," which is a holiday for letting go of stuff. For me, sites like this are like an anorexic reading dieting tips, but there's always something I didn't know. Go know.

Shelterrific: This is a new one, and a bunch of the editorial staff of the now-defunct "Budget Living" magazine now blog here. So if you liked "Budget Living," you'll probably like this. Tonight I'll do their recipe for fake lasagna. I can make real lasagna, but like I said above, I'm busy.

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