Saturday, March 18, 2006

Made It Through Another Winter!

The first street fair of Spring:

With temperatures in the 30's, let us celebrate the delights of Summer:

We have royalty:

The Sock Guy, the Pita Guy and the Sausage Guy:

When we first moved to New York, last century, we used to refer to these as the "festival of socks."
I'm completely jealous, even if the temp was in the 30's. We have the same temps forecasted here around Cincinnati, OH and we are possibly expecting snow Tuesday....on the first day of Spring!!! I'd take cold and a street fair over cold and snow anyday :)
Anonymous: I thought of "festival of socks" when I was at another street fair this afternoon, with the exact same vendors.

Michelle: We're expecting snow sometime this week, too. I have yet to see a street fair and snow at the same time, but with the fairs going longer into the fall and starting earlier in the spring, it's bound to happen.
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