Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Hangover

Hubby and I nodded and clapped for George Clooney's "Hollywood is out of touch and ahead of the curve" speech. Sure, we think that Hollywood is out of touch a lot of the time, but it was a good comeback at people who want to give liberals liberal guilt over being liberal. Ha-ha, here comes my big brother George Clooney to beat you up, neener neener neener.

A scary moment where I thought that Lauren Bacall was having a stroke on live TV. Jim thought she was just having difficulty reading the prompter and should have worn glasses. I waited to see if an assistant would rush a pair of bifocals to her during the Film Noir tribute. But when it was over, Bacall was nowhere to be found, which just made it seem more ominous--what had happened to her?

What's on the shoulder of Charlize Theron's dress? We decide it's a parrot and she's rehearsing for a role as a pirate.

Enjoyed Robert Altman's speech about moviemaking being like building a sandcastle. Never cared for Lily Tomlin as a comedian, though. And in the seventies, she was the comedienne to be. "You should be a stand-up comic, like Lily," people would tell me, intoning the dramedienne's name with reverence.

"Actually, I like Joan Rivers better." Blasphemy! Joan Rivers with her Vegas clothes and her self-deprecating humor. How anti-feminist for a budding feminist! But I liked Rivers' stand-up and never thought Tomlin, and later Whoopie Goldberg, were comics. I thought they were actresses, and enjoyed them in some of their roles.

Relieved the Palestinian film didn't get Best Foreign. Ever since Hamas got elected, a lot of people who are into causes have been backing off this one: "Whoa, the inmates are running the asylum!" Israel is cool again.

Checked the blogs after the show, and several bloggers simulblogged the telecast. I'm going, "Oh wow, how'd they do that?" Then answered myself, "Schmuck, they just kept adding to the same post and republishing it! Sheesh!" Really couldn't have done it myself anyway, since I was doing household chores all through the broadcast.

Do you think Jon Stewart did a good job? I thought so, and I don't even watch The Daily Show. Jim thought he was too flat. I replied that you've gotta pull your punches on something that's going out to a billion people, but even Jon Stewart Lite was entertaining. A non-scientific poll on NY1 this morning showed 85% of viewers thought Stewart either did a "great job" or "pretty good for a first-timer." And a non-scientific consensus of just about everything I've heard and read says Billy Crystal is the best Oscar host, and I hope he's back next year.

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