Thursday, March 30, 2006

Picture This

Driven by Apartment Therapy's "eight step home cure," I had the inspiration last night to switch two framed posters, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Since our apartment is one big room with an arch in between, the idea of having separate rooms is an illusion. Or a delusion.

One is a black and white poster of a Cartier-Bresson photograph that I bought on my one and only trip to Paris in 1987. The other is a colorful poster by a Montana artist named Monte Dolack.



My rationale was that since most of the stuff in our living room/kitchen area was black and white, and most of our stuff in the bedroom is pastel, the Dolack poster would be happier in the bedroom and the Cartier-Bresson photograph in the living room.

So we switched them, and this morning I'm looking at both of them and thinking, something is still not quite right:

And here's the kicker:

This last realization caused me to probe way down deep into my psyche, and come up with a daring scheme...color scheme, that is. Since I liked the poster, why not re-do the bedroom to match the colors in the poster?

A couple of pieces are already the light color of the coffee table in the picture. A wardrobe cabinet that I bought unfinished when I first moved in and stained dark brown at the end of my provisional adulthood is now so full of marks and scratches from two generations of cats that painting it would improve it. The only dark pieces that I wouldn't paint/refinish/get rid of would be a hutch and bookcase we got a couple of years ago. And of course, the Cabinets of Dad are sacrosanct.

I related my brainstorm to Jim. Whenever I'm really enthused about some idea, I'm always afraid he's gonna go all Ricky Ricardo on me and go "Looooocy!" and start jabbering in Spanish, which would be very strange because he doesn't speak Spanish. And then I would have to sneak around behind his back and it would involve some escapade with a side of beef and a loaf of bread ten feet long.

Instead, he said, "Why don't you paint the molding around the windows one of the colors in the poster?"

So we're all set. Oh yeah, and some new bedding. Century 21's basement is excellent for that. And K-Mart--I'm totally serious. Oh boy!

Meanwhile, when we took the pictures down, we removed what seemed like a quarter of an inch of dirt, grease and tobacco smoke before we put them back up. And correct me if I'm wrong, but if you accidentally drop a piece of clothing on the floor while you're getting dressed, it should not render the garment unwearable. So perhaps it's time to take time for Step One: A good cleaning.

Are those windows on the wall or doors? I can't tell from here. If they are windows, go get some good treatments and let in some light! I suggest a multi layer approach- blinds, side curtains, and a topper of some kind.
Do you rent? Can you paint? You would be shocked at how much can change by painting the walls. Get some new bedding as well. Lower the painting ort get some sort of arrangement for the table.
Those are windows, with shades. We're looking into window treatments.

Also looking into paint samples and doing a bright, contrasting color for the trim.

Once the color scheme is in place, we'll see what kind of deals has on new bedding.

By the way, comments are always welcome. Especially from people who have actually read my post and have actually seen that I wrote at length about painting my apartment, shopping for new bedding and lowering the painting between the windows, as pictured in the top photo.

Melinda, isn't it funny how changing one or two small things can lead to something really big? It gets you to open the brain box and dig around to see what in there. Way to be open to the new ideas flooding in. Good luck! I want to see how it turns out.
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