Friday, April 14, 2006

Free Millie!

TV news teams stand by for further developments as animal rescue workers dismantle the basement wall of a landmarked building in my neighborhood to look for Millie the Cat. The eleven-month-old kitten has been trapped somewhere in the walls of the building for the past two weeks.

The news has been reporting her name as "Molly," but there's a big sign in the window of Myers of Keswick, where she's the resident cat, that says, "Free Millie (not Molly). Day 14."

A big envelope nearby reads "Letters to Millie" from a class of local public school kids.

They've been trying to lure her out with food. There was a guy in a giant mouse suit out there this morning, but he left before I got my camera. Must've had another gig.

Chico and Ashley are keeping their paws crossed for Millie's safe return.

Update: Millie was found safe and sound Friday night, and enjoyed a meal of sardines from her grateful owner. Although with these old buildings, I'm sure she found plenty to eat in the wall.

The guy in the mouse suit was from the NY Post.

Chico and Ashley are currently tunneling into the kitchen wall so that we will give them sardines when they're rescued.

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