Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guardian iPods

I was on the R train headed down to the Apple Store after work this afternoon. Sitting next to me was a young couple with a little kid. The couple had iPods exactly like the one I was headed downtown to buy, and the father was showing his to the kid.

I smiled and caught their eyes. "I'm on my way to the Apple Store to get that exact iPod. How do you like it?"

"Buy it at the Apple Store online, " the guy advised. "You don't have to pay sales tax."

"What about shipping?"

"Free shipping!"

So I headed home instead and logged into the Apple Store, and now the iPod and an Apple Care policy will be shipped to me in 24 hours.

"That was a lucky accident," I told my husband.

"There are no accidents," he joked. "Those were your Guardian iPods."

Meanwhile, time to weed out the stuff in my music collection that's not getting ripped onto the new Pod.

PS: The spell check still doesn't recognize "iPod." It now suggests that I put my music on an aphid.

But how much memory does an aphid have? Not very much I would think.
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