Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Safe Deposit

I did manage to get another charge out of the iPod today.

I was listening to it on the subway going home tonight, and when it got to the end of the playlist, I pulled it out of my pocket and picked another playlist. It occurred to me that if I had a photo iPod, I wouldn't be so nonchalant about taking it out on the subway. In fact, it would end up in the safe deposit box along with my engagement ring, which I don't wear because I don't want to live in fear that some lunatic will take my finger in order to take the ring.

This is why city people who buy a car pick one that looks like a wreck, one that nobody would want to steal.

The poor and the rich don't have to consider these things. If you're poor, you don't have to worry about diamond rings and iPods, because you can't afford them. Or maybe you get a photo iPod but not health insurance, since you know you have enough money right now for the iPod but you don't know if you'll have the money for the premiums every month.

And rich people don't have to depend on the subway. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg takes it to look like a regular guy, but he doesn't have to.

It's that broad swath of us in the middle who have to disguise ourselves in dull plumage to shield ourselves from predators.

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