Thursday, May 04, 2006

Solving the Gas Price Crisis

Guest Blogger today. Barry Feldman e-mailed this insightful treatise to me and several other friends/relatives the other day, and has given me permission to post it here. Barry is a sharp, no-nonsense guy, and I say this because 1) he's my uncle, and b) I agree with what he's written here. He begins with a sentence I've found myself saying all too often in the past couple of years.

I am by no means a crazed left wing liberal, but recent events have left me shaking my head regarding what is going on in this country regarding tax policy and the gasoline crisis. I know that we are still paying substantially less than people in Europe, but I get little solace from that. As a chauvinist who believes that this country has the ability and resources to solve problems more efficiently than our European brothers and sisters, I think the people in Washington, D.C. have not been fully utilizing the brainpower which it has available to it in solving these problems.

In particular, the most recent Republican proposal seems a bit short sighted. Furthermore, even in its shortsightedness, it doesn't seem to really accomplish what is presumably intended. Rather, the Republican approach seems to follow what they usually refer to when Democrats and Liberals do it as the "let's just throw some money at it and the people will be happy and think we're actually doing something."

As I alluded to earlier, I like to think of myself as a moderate with no particular axe to grind. I don't think that all wealthy people are evil, nor do I believe that all poor people are lazy. Some Liberal ideas are good while some border on insanity. Some Conservative positions have the ring of reality, while some of their positions express a veiled form of unjustified elitism. With all that having been said, I turn to the events of the last nine months and, in particular, the past few weeks.

Let me see if I have this straight –

Make sure that their constituents can afford it.

Personally, I'd like to think that we can do better. What do you think? I know that elections are still a long way off, but I think that whoever is running for office, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, should be confronted by the electorate and made to outline his/her ideas regarding how the problems should be solved. Anyone who says that we should leave it in the capable hands of the oil companies should not even be considered competent to serve in any elective position. Anyone who believes that the AMT is operating just fine should be considered uninformed at best and treated accordingly (i.e., banish him/her to a village in need of a resident idiot).

My best to all.


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