Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bye Pod, Redux

Last night I was listening to my iPod, and it was fine. The battery was getting low, but not competely out.

This morning I turned it on and nothing. When I got home this evening I plugged it into the AC outlet to recharge the battery...and nothing. I plugged it into the iMac, and nothing. What did I have this one for, a month? I got it the day of the PET scan. So does that mean my lung breaks next?

I know two weeks ago I was praying, God, don't let this be cancer and I'll never complain about anything again. But somehow, I don't think it would be proving anything to sit around uncomplaining in a house full of broken appliances like some 21st Century martyr. And I don't think I'm at the top of God's "To-Do List," although when I turn on the news I wonder if anybody is right now.

So tomorrow I have to eke out a moment to head over to the Apple Store again, in a city where the heat wave lingers below ground the day after it's broken aboveground, and where I waited a half-hour for a subway train in which it was too crowded to stand with both feet on the floor. Half the lines were out today because of power outages, and the lines that were working were running at half-speed. And some cow jabbed me right in the worst part of my ribcage with her elbow.

Time for another Percoset, the drug that put the "Rush" in Limbaugh.

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