Tuesday, August 01, 2006

End of the Middle

The Mighty Middle is folding:

I have recently come to realize that fans of our kid's books are reading this blog. I have always despised the "role model" burden that parents who aren't doing their jobs like to lay on athletes, rock stars or, at a much more obscure level, authors. I think adults should be able to live their lives, do their jobs, without forever being harrassed by cries of "think of the children!"

Yes, I know that search engine filters should have kept kids away. God knows I drop the f-bomb often enough that Safe Search should have figured it out. But despite that it makes me squeamish to realize that kids are listening in on this conversation between and for adults. I am after all, a daddy.
The comments were closed when I got there, but several regular fans suggested that Michael start another blog under a pseudonym. Count me in as a potential subscriber to that one.

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