Thursday, August 17, 2006

Explodo-Pod and Doors

Word (that I can't locate right now) has it that the SONY batteries powering the exploding Dell laptops are also being used in the latest generation of iPods. I've checked Apple's site and other iPod sites to see if there's a recall, but so far can find no word.

If there is a recall, it'll be the third time I've had to replace this iPod in four months. My 3rd Gen 10-gig one still works even after being used as a hockey puck. Go figure.

Meanwhile, while waiting for my iPod to explode and blow away a finger, a rib or an ovary depending on how I'm carrying the iPod at the time, I've been re-listening to The Doors: The Complete Studio Recordings to see if I want to keep it. And I've decided that yes, I do. Even though by The Soft Parade Jim Morrison was beginning to lose it so badly that if you took away the other Doors, you'd have a recording of a homeless guy walking down the street talking to himself.

It had not always been thus. You couldn't do an impression of "Light My Fire" without Densmore's opening rimshot, Manzarek's Mephistophelean opening organ riff, and Morrison's lugubrious vocals, with Krieger's guitar solo completing the wild, three-or seven-minute Dionysian romp--neatly bookended by the same rimshot and organ riff.

My husband contends that The Doors would have been better off without Morrison. I disagree. Oh sure, their arrangements stayed tight as their lead vocalist drifted further into a self-imposed Hell, but without The Lizard King they wouldn't have had The Legend. And if The Legend has enticed successive generations to appreciate some great jazz-influenced rock, then it's worth skipping a few tracks on albums 4 through 6.

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