Friday, September 15, 2006

But Enough About Me. No, Really, Enough.

At the company where I work, the back-office (Graphics, Research, etc.) departments are taking part in one of those effectiveness workshops, and we're supposed to fill out this online assessment--sort of like those Kiersey Temperament things*--of our behavior and how we think we interact with people.

And then, we're supposed to invite other people to go to the site and fill out the assessment of our behavior and how they think we interact with them.

The "Other People" part, we've been advised, is "Optional." Sort of the way it was
"Optional" for the Manson Family not to fill out a handwriting exemplar when the DA was trying to figure out who wrote "Helter Skelter" in blood on the walls.

What I want to do is send the facilitator an e-mail saying, "Since my one, big, overreaching personality trait is that I'm too concerned with how other people see me, instead of having them fill out my assessment I would rather have the option of jumping into a pool of sharks with a pork chop in my mouth."

Then again, I'm not the only person taking part in this workshop, so this could be interesting...I'll get to watch other people carve each other up for a change.

*BTW, I'm an INTJ. Also an Autumn.

I'm an ENTP, which makes me a cross bewtween Nikola Tesla and Bugs Bunny. I'm down with that.
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