Monday, September 11, 2006

Here's My Pet Peeve

People who were unquestioning liberals before 9-11 and then they became unquestioning conservatives because they confused that with moral clarity.

And then they tell you, smugly, "I was a liberal until 9-11," implying that they have matured and you have not.

And what I want to tell them is, "Hey, buddy, I've been an independent, politically incorrect, questioning pain-in-the-ass bitch for over 20 years! When are you going to grow up and be like me?"

Back soon with the obligatory "Where I Was" post.

Seeing as I had my own conservative baptism, which pushed me as far right as the center and no further, during Bill Clinton's second term, I too have a "Where were you?" feeling about a lot of the September 11 foxhole converts. Better late than never, I guess! :)
It also implies that "liberal" is a synonym for "I was a trusting fool."

Unfortunately, sometimes I think liberals themselves are responsible for creating that impression, just as some conservatives keep the definition of conservative as "belligerent crank" going.
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