Saturday, September 30, 2006

Let's Do the Time Lord Again

We caught the season premiere of Doctor Who last night. I have to get used to David Tennant, who doesn't have the presence or wit of Christopher Eccleston but does have a geeky, Buddy Holly-like charm that grows on you after a while. Of course, it was hard to tell last night because he spent most of the first episode recharging his batteries, or whatever the Doctor does when he morphs into another actor.

I'm not familiar with any of the previous Doctor Who series, but my husband used to watch the classic Tom Baker one and confirms my suspicions that the one that Sci-Fi Channels' been running this year has a little more satire about contemporary stuff than the previous ones, with sly jabs at national security, eternal youth and reality TV.

It's also a little darker and more violent than previous series. It's a Doctor Who for people who usually don't watch space monkey operas. It's gritty and edgy, like the London housing project of the Doctor's teenage protegee. It's a Doctor Who for people who like Trainspotting, or Cracker.

It's also a Doctor Who with a commercial every five minutes, so I think they're really showing it in the States as an infomercial for the box set.

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