Saturday, October 14, 2006

How to Book A Short-Term Rental Apartment in NYC

I'm linking to this even though we have a long-term rental apartment in New York City. A long, long, long-term rental apartment in New York City.

I'm linking to it in case we ever need a place to put up out-of-town friends, since no New Yorkers ever have a spare room. Depending on how long you're going to be in town, this could be much cheaper than a hotel room.

Plus the apartments have kitchens, so you can make your own meals and save money. You can do what I've been obsessed with doing lately, which is to go to Trader Joe's on East 14th Street and load up on cheap gourmet food and then enjoy the communal experience of waiting a half-hour on line to pay for it.

Also, I'm putting this link here in case we need a place to stay while our walls are being busted up and redone. We would need a place that accepts people with cats. I would imagine a big security deposit would be involved. A big, big security deposit, because our cats are insane and as I write this they are trying to remove each other's heads.

And lastly, I'm putting this link here because we have 1,543 URL's in our bookmarks and none of them are sorted into folders. So perhaps that will be the first thing that we renovate.

Check out of expensive hotels and into a Metro-Home - Your Home-Away-From Home in New York City.

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