Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Elvis on a Fish Hook

I had the basal cell thing removed this morning; me and half a dozen other people at the surgeon's office. It was small and only took one pass to get clean margins. The doctor and his assistants were impressed.

"Most people think they have a pimple and don't see a doctor until it's really big."

The benefits of hypochondria.

No pain, thanks to five injections in my face. It felt weird when they were stitching it up, though. I felt like Rob Schneider doing an impression of Elvis on a Fish Hook. (I looked for the routine on YouTube but they didn't have it, so just imagine that it would be here.)

I'll have a fat lip and a bandage for a week, which will cause me to utter quips such as, "I cut myself shaving" and "You oughta see the other guy!"

Elvis on a fish hook! I was searching for it and couldn't find it either. That's how I got to your blog. Damn - I really wanted to see that again. It was hysterical.
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